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Helping women succeed in the business world

Career Women

Successful women who have reached their dreams value their professional & personal growth. When you invest in you, you take control of the opportunities for career advancement and the direction you want your career to go.

If you answer Yes to one or more of these scenarios, Sharpen Leadership is for you:

  • You were passed over for promotion even though you are a great performer.
  • You want to stay relevant at work/business
  • You are a new Supervisor that needs to develop leadership skills
  • You are a Manager that wants to take new challenges or feels stuck
  • You need to know how to map your career path for success
  • You need to upgrade your leadership skills
  • You have difficulty with your boss or female co-workers
  • You want to gain visibility and learn how to promote yourself
  • You would like access to a mentor or sponsor to accelerate promotion, salary raise, or gain support for your ideas.
  • You would like to learn strategies that can help you become a woman of influence
  • You would like to be a part of a network of professional women that can give you the insight and resources you need.

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Associations (Professional | Women)

Boast Your Membership Retention Rates

Host relevant and engaging events that provide Your Members with the value they are seeking, and they won’t be able to find any other place.

A Sharpen Leadership speaker & trainer will share Exclusive Career Strategies, Insights, Inspirational Stories and Innovative Tools for Success.

Business Women and Female Entrepreneurs are looking for Professional Associations like yours as a network community that helps them enhance their career & business.

Sharpen Leadership will compliment your in-house expertise and add value to your meetings and events, keeping members engaged and renewing their membership each year.

Contact us to book Sharpen Leadership for one of your upcoming meetings or special events. Our presentations can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Corporations | Businesses

Interested in Gaining Insight into How Your Organization Can Benefit from Sharpen Leadership?

Sharpen Leadership can give the business women in your organization the tools to thrive in Leadership.

The success of your company is built on the talent of your employees. Inclusion is linked to the ability to innovate and imperative for business profitability.

Sharpen Leadership offers Leadership Training Sessions that will impact, inspire and give insight to your women employees, teams, and management that will add value to their careers, customers, and your organization.

Our Speaker, Trainer & Consultant will bring Exclusive topics designed to:

  • Develop a pipeline of female leaders at all levels of your organization that delivers results.
  • Address issues that are most important to your early and mid-level business women: Confidence, Visibility, Communication and how to navigate the Workplace Politics.
  • Learn why successful Sponsoring matters for retention of high female talent in your organization
  • Upgrade how your female leadership and rising female talent get their voice heard in business meetings.
  • Share strategies to support the development of high female talent and improve retention.

Organizations retain more of their female talent when they give the needed resources to manage their careers and build their confidence and leadership skills.

Sharpen Leadership speaker, trainer, & consultant will challenge, inspire and engage your female talent to thrive as leaders. Our presentations and training sessions can be tailored to meet your specific company event or meeting needs.

Christian Women Leadership

As an Independent Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach with The John Maxwell Team, I facilitate Leadership Studies, Masterminds & Workshops on Leadership & Personal Growth.

Christian women who want to pursue personal growth and develop their leadership talents to transform their home, work, and ministries at church will benefit from the biblical principles and wisdom that Sharpen Leadership provides.

Women in Christian Leadership need a network of like-minded women who are wanting to make the most of their days using the talents they have been given. Sharpen Leadership connects Women in the Christian Service with other women with the same focus to develop their personal and professional leadership gifts to have a legacy of adding value to others.

Some of our Workshops or Mastermind Topics Include:

  • See Your Value, When Other Cannot See It.
  • Victory After The Fall
  • What Happens to Me Doesn’t Define Who I Am
  • In the Company of Other Women’s
  • It Is Never Too Late

Today is an amazing time to advance your leadership gift.

Join one of our Seminars, Training Sessions, Masterminds or Events. Our presentations and training sessions can be tailored to further address your organization’s specific area of mission, vision, or focus.

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