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Master Workplace Politics

Ask yourself what would be possible in your career if given the tools to master Workplace Politics?

  • Understand how to deal with a difficult boss or co-worker
  • Learn to identify what can sabotage your career and what to do to prevent it
  • Gain the support and access to a network that can influence your career
  • Learn how office politics can open doors to that desired promotion
  • Develop your political skills to prevent being blindsided during meetings, team projects, and performance evaluations.

Stop Being Blindsided. Get Your Promotion.

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Strategies for Career Success

What Got You Here, Is Not Going To Take You Where You Want To Go Now

Women have made great strides in the workplace. However, many women share how they would want to have greater insight on how to upgrade their business strategies to better navigate work dynamics and avoid career landmines to successfully advance in their early to mid-career.

Strategies For Career Success will upgrade your business strategies and teach you how to apply them to give you the leverage, confidence, visibility, and influence needed to propel you forward.

  • Acquire Strategies that will help you to position your career for promotion
  • Gain Insight on how to open doors of opportunities within or outside of your department
  • Learn how to gain visibility with company decision makers
  • Grow your leadership skills to lead and take on new responsibilities.


How Fast Do You Want To Get To Your Ultimate Career Destination?

Successful women attribute their supercharged career advancement to having sponsors. (Champion) Women currently make up 34% of senior management, but only 3% of Fortune 500 CEO – the absence of proactive support from Sponsors can be a contributing factor.

Women need an advocate that can communicate their achievements, value and reasons why they should be promoted to stockholders, influencers, and top leadership in the organizations. Most of these decisions are made when you are not in the room, therefore having a Sponsor is your lifeline for career success.

  • Gain insight into how Sponsors can get you the promotions to accelerate your career
  • How to identify potential Sponsors
  • Understand the partnership and collaboration between you and your Sponsor(s)
  • Stories of how Sponsors make a difference in the career of successful women

“Live up your career, business and life to your potential, show up aware & confident.”

Sharpen Leadership believes in investing in you. We help you transform your career, business & life. Our services will inspire, equip, support, & empower you to become more, to advance to the next level, and to unleash your potential.

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